Theatre Division Students of the Month: March

Theatre Division Students of the Month: March

Congratulations to the entire cast of A Midsummer Night's Dream at Eastern Florida State College​ for being recognized as the FCSAA Theatre Division Students of the Month for March! The cast was nominated by their advisor, Jeanine Henry.

Here is what Ms. Henry shared with us about the cast: "I am nominating the entire cast of A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM! We left for spring break expecting to perform in April but the play was canceled due to concerns related to the coronavirus. These students could have just walked away but they came together as a team to create a Zoom recording of the production. They have met daily online to rehearse and have found costumes in their closets and created props from everyday household items. I am impressed with their joyful spirits, sense of camaraderie, and the ways that they help one another. They have continued to improve their performances and are making creative choices related to acting on Zoom. They are practicing EFSC’s core abilities at a high level: working cooperatively, thinking critically, solving problems, processing information, and modeling ethical and civic responsibility. I expect excellence from my students, but they have exceeded my expectations in these bizarre times. I am so grateful for the privilege to work with them!"

Attached is a picture of the entire cast from their Zoom meeting and below is the list of cast members and their roles for reference:

Alexis Langdon - Hippolyta, Mustardseed
Angelina Shank - Titania
Aska Cogburn - Nick Bottom
Benjamin Gaffney - Egeus, Cobweb
David Jackson - Demetrius
David Bondy - Robin Goodfellow aka Puck
Ellie Autry - Helena
Justin Jacobson - Lysander
Kali Rybinski - Tom Snout, Wall
Katie McCall - Snug/Lion
Mandy Karalis - Peter Quince
Morgan Forehand - Oberon
Quentin Mullon - Theseus
Sai Ali-Khan - Starveling, Moonshine
Sierra Pippin - Philostrate, Peaseblossom
Tyler Heminger - Francis Flute
Victoria Rivera - Hermia
Charles Sharer - Crew

Congratulations to the cast of A Midsummer Night's Dream, the Theatre Students of the Month! And a big thank you to Jeanine Henry for nominating them for this award!