Publications Student of the Month: March

Publications Student of the Month: March

Congratulations to Alejandra Almada Martinez, Miami Dade College​ (Eduardo J. Padron Campus), for being awarded as the FCSAA Publications Division Student of the Month for March! Alejandra was nominated by her advisor, Emily Sendin.

Here is what Ms. Sendin told us about Alejandra: "Alejandra Almada Martinez is co-creator, editor, and producer of the new podcast, Urbanites. She has taken on the task of organizing interviews, editing stories, and producing each episode. She is involved in every step of the production of each episode, from selecting the topic to booking and scheduling both the host and the guests. Additionally, she occasionally writes the scripts for certain sections of the recording, sets up the microphone before each session, and edits the material into the final episode that gets uploaded every Friday night. All this work is always completed within the span of a week, and most of it on Campus, which is no small feat of organization. She learned how to use audio editing software and how to properly calibrate our recorder. Later on, she expanded responsibilities by coming up with ideas for episodes, occasionally hosting, vocal coaching, and scheduling people to come on the show. As Alejandra says, 'What began as a stroke of luck, led me to really get to know the Urbana team, and to inspire interest among all of us in leaving a lasting footprint on campus through the podcast. I am hoping to document the astonishing initiative of this year's staff and to expand the podcast team by teaching others the same tricks I learned so that Urbanites may become a beloved staple of Urbana and Padron campus for years to come.'

Alejandra is a young woman with a passion for the written word. At her young age, she already is a consummate writer who meticulously crafts stories, letters, and even texts. In addition to her exquisite manipulation of language and her measured and intentional nuanced developing characters and plot, she is also an expert critic. Alejandra has created a link between creative writing students with the magazine staff, also connecting non-honors and honors students. In my Creative Writing I and II courses, she has had a commanding presence. When she speaks, others listen because her feedback is on-point, articulate, thoughtful, honest, and constructive. However adept she is at giving feedback, she is also equally receptive to constructive criticism, which she uses to make her writing more polished. This is an ability that has proven most useful in her multiple roles in Urbana as a layout designer and English editor. At Padron Campus, we are very lucky to have Alejandra as part of our Urbana team.

During these difficult times where we are quarantined, courses have gone online, and our community is dealing with much anxiety and uncertainty, Alejandra has continued to produce our Urbanites podcast. Episode 9 will feature how the Eduardo J. Padrón community is using creative ways to deal with our new normal. Kudos to Alejandra for her amazing work!"

Again, congratulations to this spectacular Publications student, our March Student of the Month! Thank you to Ms. Sendin for nominating her for this recognition. Attached is the link to the latest Urbanites podcast: