FCSSGA Leadership Training (FLT)


FLT Program Overview

The FLT Certification consists of six core courses in three categories and a Capstone session. The six courses can be taken in any order; however, Capstone must be taken after completing all six courses in order to receive FLT certification. There is no cost to attend, no advanced registration needed, and the training has been designed to represent the core values of FCSSGA.

The Categories and Courses are:

  • Civic Health
Campus Involvement
  • Event Planning
  • Effective Meetings
  • Personality Assessment
  • Ethics
  • Diversity

FLT Learning Outcomes

  • Provide a general study of the Legislative Process with special attention given to the role of Civic Health.
  • Provide core analytic and theoretical framework for understanding issues of community building, governance, and the use of civic resources.
  • Provide avenues that can impact others, utilize skills to facilitate events, and to effectively run meetings.
  • Learn the distinction between leadership, forums, entertainment, and fundraising.
  • Explore effective, ethical and enduring leadership models in relationship to self and the organization.
  • Engage in different components of leadership relating to innovation, change, civic engagement, diversity, and various resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

1. How are the sessions tracked?
There will be an electronic sign in at every session (student is responsible for registration at the session). 

2. How am I tracked?
Students are tracked by their name, college, campus name, and date sessions were completed. 

3. How are students recognized when they complete the program? 
A Certificate and pin will be provided at the end of each conference to completers as a group in closing session.

4. How can I track the sessions I completed?
The live Google form under FLT - Attendance Records.