2018-2019 State Executive Board
President: Adam Maxwell
Vice President: Lillian Jimenez
Secretary: Stella Belony
State Jurisprudence: Frank Hunt-Gonzalez
Director of Legislative Affairs: Alejandro Puga
Region 1 (formerly District 4) Coordinator: Nadia Esha
Region 2 (formerly District 3) Coordinator: Deleaney Allen
Region 3 (formerly District 2) Coordinator: Heather Hunt-Gonzalez
Region 4 (formerly District 1) Coordinator: Ayesha Anklesaria
Director of Social Media: Kate Santacruz
2018-2019 Advising Team
State Advisor: Stephen Tomasovitch
State Advisor-Elect: Lindsey Goldstein
Region 1 (formerly District 4) Advisor: MaKenzie Johnson
Region 2 (formerly District 3) Advisor: Barbara Weaver
Region 3 (formerly District 2) Advisor: Stephen Tomasovitch
Region 4 (formerly District 1) Advisor: Linda Johnsen


President: Adam Maxwell  


Vice President: Lillian Jimenez  


Secretary: Stella Belony  


State Jurisprudence: Frank Hunt-Gonzalez  


Director of Legislative Affairs: Alejandro Puga  


Region 4 Coordinator: Ayesha Anklesaria  


Region 3 Coordinator: Heather Hunt-Gonzalez  


Region 1 Coordinator: Nadia Esha  

Region 2 Coordinator: Deleaney Allen 

Director of Social Media: Kate Santacruz 



State Advisor: Stephen Tomasovitch  
Region 3 Advisor: Stephen Tomasovitch  


State Advisor-Elect: Lindsey Goldstein  


Region 4 Advisor: Linda Johnsen  


Region 2 Advisor: Barbara Weaver  


Region 1 Advisor: MaKenzie Johnson


FCSSGA State Executive Board Official Duties

The Executive Board shall serve as the central executive agency of FCSSGA and shall have the following specific duties:

  • Make decisions in the best interest of the association that do not conflict with the FCSSGA Constitution/By-Laws.
  • Override a Presidential Veto by two-thirds (2/3) vote, provided a quorum is present.
  • Functions as a liaison between the four (4) regions of this association.
  • Approve all Presidential Appointments.
  • Remove Elected and Appointed Executive Board members from office, without the benefit of impeachment, for one of the following reasons:
    • Absenteeism, missing at least two (2) FCSSGA related functions.
    • Remaining out of communication with the Executive Board for a period of time exceeding 21 days.

Officers and Executive Board Members

  • President
  • Vice President (voting)
  • Secretary (voting)
  • State Jurisprudence (non-voting)
  • Director of Legislative Affairs (voting)
  • 4 District/Region Coordinators (voting)
  • Director of Social Media (non-voting)
  • State Advisor (non-voting)
  • State Advisor-Elect (non-voting)
  • 4 District/Region Advisors (non-voting)
  • Budget Manager (non-voting)

Past Executive Board Members (pdf)